Amelie Landau Frühstück
Breakfast at Amelie

Since we all need a strong start every day, we at Amelie no. 1 offer you a delicious breakfast buffet daily, which you can enjoy in our lounge or on our terrace. Here you will find crispy rolls, braided buns, and a variety of bread from our local bakery, delicious muesli, various egg dishes, fresh fruits and vegetables and much more. We promise: A perfect way to start the day.

Monday to Friday: 7am–10am
Saturday and Sunday: 8am–11am

In case of high demand: 2 time slots

Restaurants & Bars in the vicinity

Even if our culinary offer at Amelie no. 1 is limited to breakfast
you can find numerous and delicious culinary establishments
right around the corner

Ristorante Amici

Our dear neighbors from Ristorante Amici will gladly serve you finest Italian dishes at noon or in the evening.

Cornichonstraße 16, 6829 Landau
(right next door)

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Restaurant Poseidon

The Greek restaurant in the heart
of Landau delights with traditional Mediterranean dishes.

Schützengasse 4, 6829 Landau

(10 minutes by foot)

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Restaurant Olympia

This beautifully located restaurant, serving wonderful Greek food, has an excellent reputation far beyond the borders of Landau.

Martin-Luther-Straße 26, 6829 Landau
(10 minutes by foot)

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Suppe mag Brot

Landau’s first soup restaurantserves fabulous soups, bread, and a variety of desserts made from regional and seasonal products.

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 15F, 6829 Landau

(5 minutes by foot)

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Par Terre

If you are looking to experience the region’s best wines we recommend a visit here. Experience the taste of the region while paying farm-gate prices. Cheers!

Georg-Friedrich-Dentzel-Straße 1, 6829 Landau
(5 minutes by foot)

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Weinstube Brennofen

Inviting, hospitable, social: that about sums up this gorgeous wine tavern in the small winemaking village of Ilbesheim near Landau.

Wildgasse 5, 76831 Ilbesheim
(8 minutes by car)

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