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Welcome to the southern Palatine region, where sociability and a comfortable pace of life are attitudes towards life that are cherished daily. Excellent wines, beautiful biking and hiking paths, a multitude of cultural events all year round and more than enough opportunities to get some shopping done: Wherever you look, here in the Palatine region you will find what you are seeking.

Aktivitäten in Landau | Amelie No1 Landau
Discover Landau while staying with us.

Discover this place marked by diversity, where German and French culture is so interwoven that they cannot be separated. Experience the old city and the many small wine producers in the region and visit the six former wine villages. Experience the local lifestyle firsthand!

Nature and Sport

If you prefer exploring nature or want to do sports in nature you are also in the right place in Landau. Almost untouched nature in the Palatine forest carefully maintained cycling and hiking paths with lots of signposts for orientation on the so-called Southern Wine Route, the local recreation area Südpark Landau and much more is waiting for you.

Amelie No1 Landau Natur und Sport
Amelie No1 Landau Umgebung

Landau and vicinity

For those seeking culture or shopping opportunities, there is also more than enough around. You might, for example, want to try the “wine experience path Landau-Nußdorf”, or the night of the open cellars, any wine festival, the wonderful weekly market of Landau, the local concert hall built in the style of Art Nouveau, a visit to the many old, local churches, or a visit to the shopping streets of Landau or the “Kaisermeile” in Karlsruhe, which is a place where any emperor would love to go shopping.

If you go a bit further you can also find numerous beautiful castles, such as the castle Trifels near Annweiler, which probably is the most famous of them all. French flair in the many villages and cities in the nearby Alsace are also really worth a visit, as is the nearby city of Strasbourg.

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